"Ina Johann is captivated with the experience of travel, and its mental corollary - search. Hers is an art of deliberate instability, which privileges the imaginative potential of those accidental stumblings-upon that happen in places not one's own, and the way the eye is attuned to possibility when elsewhere. Her vision is a travellers, aware of the creative potential of the peripheral, of the margin, aware of time, aware of the view's partiality. It cuts snippets of visual experience, often not particularly remarkable or notable, from the day's great unrolling reel, and frames them for the viewer. But there is a tension in their seeming-centrality, a feeling of drag, that any moment their layered, impressionistic palimpsests of visual data could be pulled back again into the great blind flow. Her development of ways in which to ground images while remaining open to drift has seen interests in screenprinting, photography, video, installation, audio and found archival images included among the formal and technical hand-luggage she carries. "

Excerpt by Sally Ann McIntyre

German born New Zealand artist Johann lectured for a number of years both in New Zealand and Germany and is currently a full time practitioner living in Christchurch/New Zealand.

She has been exploring a form of navigation and mapping. Her work reflects upon emptiness, memory loss, coding and de-coding. She has been finalist and recepient of numerous awards nationally and internationally.