Edwards+Johann collaboration since 2007 - ongoing

Year. 2015
Medium. Residencies & Projects

In 2007 long time islander Dr. Victoria Edwards and German born New Zealand artist Ina Johann decided to work on a project together which resulted in a collaboration that has proven to be an extraordinary artistic enterprise. Their projects span a variety of engagements. Their collaborative practice ranges from undertaking residencies to developing multi-media installations to new media installations to photographic exhibitions nationally and internationally. Edwards + Johann role model collaborative art making rare in New Zealand.

As a cross-cultural, inter-generational, inter-art collaboration duo they test sole authorship. Their studio practice is based on a thorough investigation of the links between the ranges of media they employ in their work as they strive to develop a visual language capable of embracing the growth they chart each time they embark on a new body of research. Their work frequently provokes questions rather than delivering answers: unease laced with an underlying aesthetic of beauty. Their work investigates and reflects on history and culture, connecting and mapping territory in a chosen environment/site/place. They bring an insatiable curiosity to our investigations and reflections on history and culture.

Significant for their collaboration is the fact that it has enabled and encouraged the duo to venture into new and unchartered territories e.g. performative practice and advanced forms of installation practice. Aspects of their investigation relate to the tradition and questioning of art making (their engagement is not based on 'sole authorship'). Art for Edwards + Johann is a process whereby art making and viewing has the potential to become a social, communal, bodily experience.

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